About Me

I am passionate about seeing people live in light of eternity...

Why Unseen Pursuit?

My heart is to show everyone possible the relentless love of Jesus Christ and to help each of us live wholeheartedly for Him in light of eternity - to make life count for what matters most!

I hope to help people

Explore Faith in the Unseen
Understand Christ's Radical Pursuit
Resolve to live urgently in Light of Eternity

Who I am

I was born in Zimbabwe and still call it home. I am married to Sarah (the love of my life!) and we have two girls, Layla and Erin. If I was to some up what is most valuable to me it would be:

Knowing Him, loving Him and being obedient to His call regardless of the cost.

Sarah and the girls mean the world to me and my heart is that after Jesus they would be my priority.

My heart is to see people meet Jesus and to live a life radical sold out to Him in light of eternity - to lay down our wants and desires in order to magnify the One who really matters.

We have been privileged to lead a youth ministry called Zambesi Ministries in Zimbabwe for 8 years and to help two churches through leadership transitions.

What I do

I host events that help people live in light of eternity.

I have been privileged to provide bibles to those in need in Zimbabwe and to distribute faith based resources to many as well to help you live for eternity.

A regular blog to help encourage each of us to live for what really matters

Short inspirational videos to point us to Jesus.